Queiroz participates in act in favor of Bolsonaro in Copacabana | Rio de Janeiro

On a social network, he posted a photo wearing a Brazil shirt, next to his son, still in the car, when he was on his way to the demonstration that takes place on the edge of Copacabana, in the South Zone.

The act, called by the president, has an anti-democratic agenda, with threats to ministers of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) and to Congress.

Queiroz is a groupie and takes pictures with Bolsonaro supporters in Copacabana — Photo: Arthur Guimarães/TV Globo

Queiroz and Otoni de Paula pose for photos with supporters in action in Copacabana — Photo: TV Globo

Upon arriving at the scene, Queiroz, who is investigated in the case of the “cracks” and was even arrested, was mobbed by protesters, with whom he took pictures (see the video above).

Queiroz also hugged and took pictures with federal deputy Otoni de Paula (PSL-RJ) – the subject of a search warrant, issued by the Supreme Court (STF), in an investigation into the incitement to violent and threatening acts against democracy.

Fabrício Queiroz posted a photo going to the demonstration in Rio — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Queiroz is a groupie at the protest — Photo: Arthur Guimarães/TV Globo

The PM and the Municipal Guard monitor all the acts, and the actions are coordinated by the state government and the city hall jointly.

The walk in Copacabana began at Posto 5. Almost no one wore a mask, and there was crowding. The protesters were dressed in green and yellow and carried Brazilian flags.

Protesters at a pro-Bolsonaro act in Copacabana — Photo: Arthur Guimarães/TV Globo

There were also protests against the president in Rio. In the center, protesters defended the impeachment and asked for vaccines and jobs.

Queiroz and his wife, Márcia Aguiar, are being investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office for participating in an alleged ‘rachadinha’ scheme (the confiscation of part of the advisors’ salaries) at Alerj at the time when Flávio was a state deputy.

The former advisor is appointed as the schema operator. With data obtained in the breach of confidentiality, the MP claims that Queiroz made payments on Flávio’s and his family’s personal accounts, that the senator used his chocolate shop to receive funds obtained from the “racchado” and then withdrew it as if it were a profit and still buying real estate using cash in suspicious transactions.