Regina Casé is disapproved by internet users to replace Gloria Pires in soap opera

Regina Case, actress, it seems that she is not so well loved by the public after the success of Dona Lourdes in “Mother’s love”. According to columnist Patrícia Kogut, the artist will replace Gloria saucer in the role of the great villain in the next novel by João Emanuel Carneiro, “Eye for an eye”. The author’s fans didn’t like the sudden switch at all.

“Fear”, “Does that show of hers that used to be on Futura still exist? So, she better come back as a presenter”, “Please, someone turn this woman off the TV, we’re going to die”, “I prefer the end of the world”, “God forbid”, “Let’s wait for the result of this, Jesus’ blood has power”, fired.

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Gloria saucer, according to the columnist, goes to another project, still kept confidential. There were other replacements: Leticia Colin, who would play a blind woman, will no longer. In its place was placed Sophie Charlotte. the role of Sophie stayed with Leticia in turn.

Recently, Regina Case moved the web to rediscover Dea Lucia, mother of the actor Paulo Gustavo, who died from complications from covid-19.

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