Result of Quina 5651 today, Monday (09/06/21) – DCI

As of 20:00 today, Wednesday, the Caixa draws the numbers of the Quina’s result 5651. The contest for this holiday eve, September 6, has a prize of BRL 5 million. Whoever hits the five tens of the draw wins.

Quina 5651 Result

The numbers drawn in today’s Quina results were: 09-37-50-52-64.

Quina Prize Winners

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After two hits in the result of Quina 5651 this Monday, players in the sport are already able to win. The main jackpot goes to the bet that scores the five tens, but if there is more than one winner, Lotteries Caixa distributes equally between the parties.

No band pays fixed prizes and the value is defined after proration among the winners.

What happens if no one wins? If you do not have a correct Quina result in any band, the lottery value accumulates for the next draw, in the respective prize band.

To receive the prize, the lucky ones must go to a Caixa branch and present their RG and CPF, in addition to the winning ticket. According to Lotteries Caixa, prizes of up to R$1,903.98, winners can withdraw from accredited lottery houses.

Online betting prizes can be transferred to a Mercado Pago account. The deadline to receive the prize is up to 90 calendar days counted from the drawing of the result of Quina 5651.

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