Rezende demands R$ 4 million from Virginia in court

Virgínia Fonseca and Pedro Rezende are going through a millionaire war and have been fighting in court since the beginning of this year due to a breach of contract by the influencer. She started her artistic career working with her ex-boyfriend’s company, but decided to follow a new professional path after the end of their relationship and, now, can pay R$4 million in compensation.

Sought by the column, youtuber’s press office informed that he is not personally involved in the matter. Read in full the note that Pedro Rezende’s agency sent to the column:

“Personally, Rezende is not directly involved in this issue. He has partners at ADR, his influential marketing agency, who are tackling these bureaucratic issues. The contract, which was unilaterally terminated by the influencer, is following the normal execution process. The value of the cause is based on what the agency promoted to the influencer, that is, a fraction of what was generated in advertising and other earnings. Rezende reinforces that he is calm and prefers not to get involved with these issues. Its focus is to continue generating content and fostering other ADR agents”.


Virginia filed a labor lawsuit against Pedro Rezende, her ex-boyfriend and owner of the agency she was part of, the ADR. The lawsuit filed by the influencer asks for the cancellation of the payment of the fine for early termination of the contract and also requests the recognition of an employment relationship between her and the company, with the consequent payment of vacations, severance pay, FGTS, among others.

Before that, Zé Felipe’s wife tried to reach an agreement with the ADR, but the company refused the offer made by the blonde and decided to file a lawsuit against her, demanding payment of the full amount for the breach of the agency contract that had been agreed between the parts.