São Carlos has a vaccination shift against covid-19 this Tuesday, September 7th holiday

Young person receives vaccine against Covid-19 in São Carlos - Credit: DisclosureYoung person receives vaccine against Covid-19 in São Carlos – Credit: Disclosure

This Tuesday, the holiday of September 7, will have a vaccination shift against Covid-19, in São Carlos. It is necessary to schedule through the website http://coronavirus.saocarlos.sp.gov.br/fila to receive the application.

Young people aged 13 and over and people who need to take the second dose of ASTRAZENECA, CORONAVAC and PFIZER can be scheduled.

No vaccine will be anticipated, the Department of Health Surveillance will follow the date shown in the vaccination card for the application of the second dose.

People will be able to schedule vaccination at the following fixed units: health (UBS’s) in Azulville, Santa Felicia, Cidade Aracy, Redenção, São José, at the Arnon de Melo/Angelina Family Health Unit (USF) and at FESC mobile stations, in Vila Nery and Shopping Iguatemi. Vaccination time will be from 8am to 2pm. 400 vacancies are available per location per day on duty. During scheduling, the system passes on all the information for each unit.

REGISTRATION – To register, simply access www.vacinaja.sp.gov.br and fill in the data. Proof of address is required.

Unaccompanied minors must present the consent form completed and signed together with a personal document from the legal guardian who signed the Term. Adolescents accompanied by the guardian must carry the completed form and personal documents of both with photo and CPF. The assent term is available at the link http://coronavirus.saocarlos.sp.gov.br/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/TermoAssentimento-12a17anos.pdf.

Those who are going to receive the second dose just take personal documents with photo, CPF and vaccination card.

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