São Paulo State Legislative Assembly honors Dr. Diego Garcia

In a solemn act that honored the highlights of the year in the main areas of health in the country, held last Monday (30), in a virtual event, the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo made an honorable mention to professionals in the health and volunteer areas of State.

Aiming at the recognition of professional health activities developed in society, the action is an idealization of deputy Dr. Damaris Moura, mobilized through the State Recognition Commission. One of the doctors recognized as the highlight of the evening, the digestive tract surgeon, Dr. Diego Garcia, was one of those honored for his clinical and willful performance.

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With extensive experience in medical care and management, Diego Garcia still makes a strong contribution to the pandemic, through the management of ICU-Covid and acting in the SUS, in addition to activities related to the teaching area, acting as a teacher.

Former member of the Thematic Chamber of Young Doctors (CREMESP) and delegate of the Regional Council of Medicine since 2015, he is the founder and administrator of the Central Medical Clinic for Health and Soul Care (CASA). In addition to being Coordinator of the Adult Emergency Room at Hospital Geral do Grajaú, he is also coordinator of the Internship of the Discipline of General Surgery at Universidade Santo Amaro (UNISA), where he is taking a Master’s degree in Health Sciences.

In addition to the homage being directed to medical practice, the solemn moment also mentioned the actions developed by the professional in the field of volunteering, such as the “Jornada da Saúde”, a non-governmental organization that has been providing care in multiple specialties in the state for 14 years. from São Paulo, where the doctor is the founder, manager and adviser.

Dedicated to actions with this social nature, the doctor shows commitment and dedication by emphasizing the importance of activities carried out through non-profit entities, such as the Association of Friends of Medicine Santo Amaro, an entity that ensures the development of community care programs for the homeless population, refugees, children, day care centers and educational institutions.

In fact, in partnership with students from the institutions where he teaches, Dr. Diego Garcia also supports social projects, such as the actions developed at the Rubens Monteiro de Arruda Academic Center. Through it, projects are developed with the “Coruja Solidária” – aimed at donations and promotion of physical and educational activities with parents and children from public schools in São Paulo – the “Coruja do Idoso” – which promotes donations and care for the geriatric population – and “Kenzler” – a popular course for medical students and other areas in the southern outer region of the city of São Paulo.

*Content produced by Jotta Lopes | Doctor TV