SBT joins the wave of NFTs and launches Silvio Santos collection

The Brazilian Television System (SBT), the broadcaster owned by businessman Silvio Santos, started selling part of its image collection in NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

NFTs are a new technology that works as a kind of digital authenticity certificate. In this way, images, GIFs, videos and others can have their originality and exclusivity attested.

The SBT collection is a tribute to the 40 years of the Brazilian television station and will be composed of four iconic images of the presenter Silvio Santos in several attractions on the television network, such as: Where it all began (1981); From New Home (1996); Topa Tudo por Dinheiro (1992) and Teleton (1998).

In a statement, Fernando Pensado, head of Innovation at SBT, informed that the offer of these NFTs to SBT and Silvio Santos fans also symbolizes a new moment for SBT in the broadcaster’s digital transformation process.

The project is a partnership between the broadcaster and InpireIP, an NFT trading platform. For those who wish to acquire the digital artworks, they will be traded through an auction on the platform, and the bids will be counted by Matic cryptocurrencies.

This Monday (6), the cheapest NFT in the collection is “De casa Nova”, which portrays the day Silvio Santos inaugurated the Anhanguera complex, in 1996. The current bid is 24.10 Matic, the equivalent at $39.10.

The most expensive item in the collection so far is the scene of the presenter falling into the water tank of Topa Tudo por Dinheiro, from 1992, which, according to the platform, has a bid of 1,000 Matic, equivalent to US$ 1.63 thousand.