Scholarship holders leave Belo Horizonte towards So Paulo for the act of September 7th – Politics

They opened banners asking for ad
They opened banners calling for the adoption of the printed vote and impeachment of the Supreme Ministers (photo: Tlio Santos/EM/DA Press)

Caravans made up of supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) left Belo Horizonte on Monday night (9/9) towards So Paulo, where an event with the Executive leader will take place this Tuesday (9/7), the holiday of Independence of Brazil. At least nine buses left from Praça da Estao, in the hypercenter of the capital of Minas Gerais.

Before boarding, the Pocketnaristas gathered and spread the Brazilian flag in the square and opened banners asking for the adoption of the printed vote and impeachment of the ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

The 56-year-old carpenter Dalson de Souza Braga was one of the supporters on the way to So Paulo in one of the nine caravan buses. He stated that participating in the event in São Paulo was not because of Bolsonaro, but rather to ask for “freedom”.

“The issue in Bolsonaro is our freedom. Bolsonaro has presented himself as a spokesperson who has communicated our wishes, who has listened and accepted us. But if one day he doesn’t do that within our perspectives, we will simply elect another,” he said.

Protesters in favor of President Bolsonaro boarded the Pra
Protesters in favor of President Bolsonaro boarded at Praça da Estao on their way to So Paulo (photo: Tlio Santos/EM/DA Press)

Retired Cludia Carmo, 57, said she believes in Bolsonaro’s convictions and that she will demonstrate on Avenida Paulista to express her desire for a better Brazil.

“The people are supreme. This is our conviction, that we will make a better country tomorrow. Everyone here believes in Bolsonaro’s intentions. We are here for a better, dignified country for our grandchildren and children. We want justice.” , highlighted.

Bolsonaro will make speeches in Brasilia and So Paulo this September 7th. In the morning, the president will meet with supporters in the federal capital, while in the afternoon he will participate in the act on Avenida Paulista.

Scholarship holders extended swaths during boarding to S
Scholarship holders extended banners during the departure to So Paulo, on Monday night (9/6) (photo: Tlio Santos/EM/DA Press)