September 7: Brazil faces threat of anti-democratic ‘insurrection’, says letter signed by politicians from 27 countries

President Bolsonaro at the Railway Concession Contract Signing Ceremony.  West-East Integration

Credit, Marcos Correa/PR

A group of 158 politicians and activists from 27 countries, including parliamentarians and former presidents, released an open letter warning of “insurrection” and risks to Brazilian democracy during the Sete de Setembro protests led by president Jair Bolsonaro (no party) .

“We are very concerned about the imminent threat to Brazilian democratic institutions, and we will be vigilant from September 7th onwards. Brazilians have struggled for decades to guarantee democracy before the military regime, and Bolsonaro cannot be allowed to steal that from them now.”

For the signatories of the letter, released on Monday (6/9), the demonstrations called by Bolsonaro and his allies, such as “racist groups, military police and federal government authorities”, seek to intimidate institutions such as the Supreme Court (STF) ) and Congress and heighten fears of a coup d’état in the world’s third largest democracy.

The Brazilian president, as the document cites, has increased his authoritarian threats. He has publicly said several times that he may prevent presidential elections from being held in 2022. Polls of voting intentions point to former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) as the favorite.