September 7: Demonstration in SP has no locks promised by Doria; PM talks about ‘strategic magazines’

  • Felipe Souza – @felipe_dess
  • From BBC News Brasil in São Paulo

Protesters gather in the Paulista Avenue region in a pro-Bolsonaro act

Credit, Felipe Souza/BBC News Brazil

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Protesters gather in the Paulista Avenue region in a pro-Bolsonaro act

Contrary to what was announced by the government of São Paulo, the vast majority of protesters who participate in the pro-Bolsonaro protests on Avenida Paulista are not being searched by military police. All access to the region is free without barriers, unlike what happened in other protests in the capital of São Paulo. The Secretariat of Public Security states, in turn, that there are reviews in ‘strategic points’ (see below).

The strategy of searching protesters had been announced by São Paulo Governor João Doria (PSDB), amid fears that active and retired public security agents would participate armed in the protests. This concern gained strength after these agents actively summoned soldiers and officers to the acts.

“Everyone who goes to the demonstrations, both for Bolsonaro and those who will go against Bolsonaro, will be searched. The Military Police received the orientation so that everyone, without exception, with backpacks, with purses, with pockets, will be searched. Under no circumstances will any type of weaponry in the possession of anyone be allowed, even if they are retired police officers,” said Doria on September 1st.

The BBC News Brasil report questioned several military police officers who are patrolling around the region of the demonstration on the subject. They claimed that protesters were not searched because the protesters “arrived ahead of schedule”. They were expected, according to them, from 10 am, but many arrived before 9 am.