September 7: PM allowed pocketnaristas to break the blockade in Brasilia?

Woman on top of tank at pro-Bolsonaro demonstration

Credit, Reuters

Even before the 7th of September arrived, on Monday night (9/6), pro-Bolsonaro demonstrators had already broken through the first Military Police roadblocks in Brasília, invading the Esplanada dos Ministérios.

They positioned themselves near the Itamaraty Palace, a few meters from the National Congress and the descent that gives access to the Supreme Federal Court (STF) – an institution that is the main target of attacks by supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro.

Even cars and trucks managed to descend halfway down the avenue, despite the fact that vehicles were prohibited from entering the Esplanade during the 7th of September. Videos released by the press and circulating on social networks show that the removal of the containment bars and barricades does not seem to have met with strong resistance.

Few policemen appear in the images, trying to talk to the protesters. In one of the scenes, a protester “slaps” a police officer on the back, who ignores him, keeps walking and following the movement. Meanwhile, a man shouts: “We’ve just invaded, we’ve just invaded. Police can’t handle holding people back!”