Sex Day: experts explain how sex can benefit the health of the body and mind – Acorda Cidade

Published on 09/06/2021 15:24.

Heart and brain are some of the organs stimulated before, during and after sexual intercourse.

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This Monday (6) is the Day of Sex. The date is seen by many as an opportunity to let the imagination flow and experience new love adventures and fantasies. And the attitude is fully scientifically based. According to studies, sex rejuvenates, burns calories, increases work performance, combats bad mood, tension, stress, increases self-esteem, and improves memory.

According to Émerson Bernardo Gomes, neurologist and professor of Medicine at UniFTC, sexual arousal and orgasm stimulate the brain’s release of a series of hormones and neurotransmitters associated with the sensation of satisfaction and which also have analgesic effects, in addition to contributing to the formation of new neurons (neurogenesis) and also stimulate the growth of dendritic cells – responsible for identifying infections and developing an immune response.

“For a long time it was believed that, after being formed, the brain was no longer able to create and establish new connections. However, scientists discovered in 2010 that sexual activity stimulates brain areas associated with learning and cognitive ability and these stimuli positively affect the development of neurons and other cells of the nervous system”, says the neurologist, reinforcing that people who relate sexually they often have fewer depressive or anxiety symptoms.

According to Émerson, the benefits of sexual intercourse can even be felt in sleep. “Post-sex sleep is better and more effective. It energizes and increases physical performance the next day, creating a general feeling of well-being. The hormones produced during intercourse continue to act in the following days”, says the specialist.

But don’t think the health benefits stop there. The cardiologist and also a professor at UniFTC emphasizes that sexual intercourse is good for the heart. “During intercourse, there is a brief increase in cardiac work and blood pressure. Maintaining an efficient sex life helps protect the heart and even relieve pain,” she explains.

Food can help to sharpen libido

Thinking about food can be a good start to stimulating sexual desire. According to the coordinator of the Nutrition course at UniFTC de Juazeiro, Sibery dos Anjos, a sedentary lifestyle and inadequate nutrition can lead to fatigue and indisposition, reducing libido.

“It is believed that low libido may be linked to the lack of vitamins and some minerals, such as vitamin E, zinc and selenium, which bring a feeling of well-being, causing the sexual appetite to be stimulated in both men and women” , says the nutritionist.

Peanuts, almonds, chestnuts, leafy vegetables, egg yolks are some of the foods rich in Vitamin E. Animal proteins, milk and dairy products, crustaceans, cereals and dark chocolate are sources of Zinc. Selenium is easily found in foods such as beans, oats, wheat flour, rice and bread.

Sibery highlights that these substances can be ingested individually or added to regular meals, as they easily go unnoticed. Furthermore, they add flavor and nutritional value to meals. “But what really matters is how much fantasy is put into food,” says the expert.

Universe of seduction in expansion

In addition to eating foods that stimulate sexual desire, there are other ways to sharpen pleasure-related hormones. The erotic segment offers several options to spice up the relationship, such as oils, ointments, kissable gels and accessories.

The sector has soared sales in recent months, going against the global economic crisis, aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is what says Mary Leal, an entrepreneur in the field since 2014. “Women, men and couples began to take advantage of the online services of sex shops and we took the opportunity to do lives, as people were all connected to their smartphones. From March 2020 until now, the erotic market has boomed, with sales of accessories, sensual cosmetics and lingerie”, she says.

Mary follows the evolution of the branch. When it started, it took information about the products and their functions from door to door. In 2018, it joined one of the largest companies in its category, and today it seeks to contribute by strengthening relationships: “Many companies request training and I became an expert in the area, promoting consultancy in health and sexual education. I am a columnist for some newspapers in southern Bahia and I have a partnership with one of the biggest Sex Shops in Juazeiro and Petrolina”, says the entrepreneur.

To celebrate Sex Day and make the date unforgettable, she suggests a massage exploring all the senses or a sensual dance. “Choose one of them, prepare the environment and be surprised! Use candles and aromas, massage oils, music as a soundtrack and anything you find interesting and that is good for you and your partner or partner”, he concludes.