Simaria shows off her pregnant belly in a rare photo and surprises

Singer Simaria, from the duo with Simone, delighted when she recalled the pregnancy of her first daughter

The singer Simaria, from the duo with Simone, decided to remember a very special moment in his life. She showed a beautiful photo of when she was pregnant with her first child, the girl Giovanna.

Currently, Giovanna is nine years old. AND Simaria showed a photo in which she appears showing her little belly in what appears to be the first months of pregnancy. When showing her pregnant belly, the singer said: “Me with my Gio in my belly”.
Internet users were just praise for the memory that the singer showed. “How beautiful you are pregnant!”, commented a netizen. And another netizen said: “You were a very beautiful pregnant!”. A netizen also said: “You are very beautiful! And Gio is now this beautiful girl!”.

In addition to Giovanna, the singer is also the proud mother of five-year-old Pawel. Both children are the result of the singer’s relationship with her ex-husband Vicente Escrig. They broke up a few days ago after 14 years of relationship.

Recently, Simone even talked about the changes in her relationship with Simaria after her separation. Simone answered some questions from internet users. And a netizen asked about the sisters’ relationship after the breakup.

The internet user asked: “Now that your sister separated, are you closer together?” And Simone replied: “It’s the same”. Simone also answered a few more questions from internet users. And many were related to motherhood.

A netizen asked: “An advice for those who dream of having a daughter?”. And Simone replied: “Follow in faith, it will work!” She also talked about her postpartum body, six months after the birth of her daughter. A netizen asked: “Would I have the courage to undergo bariatric surgery or are you going to be the same?”. And the singer replied: “Trying here in the race and help from a top doctor”. Another Internet user questioned: “What is it like to be a mother of a girl? I’m pregnant with a girl, a first-time mother and born in November”. Simone then replied: “It’s amazing! You will fall in love”.

Simaria when she was pregnant with her daughter Giovanna

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