Simone and Simaria give loving advice to fan: ‘Drop that colleague’

Sisters Simone and Simaria, from the backcountry duo, advised a fan when responding to comments received in videos posted on Simone’s YouTube channel.

“This couple did more in a month than my husband did in five years. I’ll leave him?”, wrote the fan, asking her colleagues for advice and commenting on an excerpt from a video previously posted by Simone, in which she and her husband , businessman Kak√° Diniz, talked about having a very active sex life.

“How does she know you’re ‘things’ a lot? She doesn’t live here in the house,” asked Simaria, who is recently separated after 14 years of relationship with Spanish businessman Vicente Escrig. “It’s because Kaka keeps making it up and she believed it. No, my friend, it’s like that, we do it, but it’s not every day,” explained Simone.

“But, my friend, if you haven’t been hitting for five years, let go of that colleague, my Brazil. He’s already created a spider’s web, then it’s friendship”, advised Simaria. “If not, you go around the corner to the sex shop and buy a rubber ‘bomb’,” added Simone.

The two also commented on criticisms about sporting luxury items. “Are you aware of how many lost nights of sleep we’ve had in our lives? How many times have we had to leave our children at home?”, said Simaria.

Simone also stated that, after starting to expose details of their life, they started to get more engagement and attention from brands and other famous people.

“People love to see this side,” agreed Simaria. “People value it more, when we didn’t show anything, it was one thing. Nowadays, when people see that we have an organized life, the look is different. Even those fine people want to be glued”, said Simone, in a good mood.