STF and Senate asked to close Praça dos Três Poderes on Sete de Setembro

STF and Senate asked to close Praça dos Três Poderes on Sete de Setembro

Photo: Adriano Machado/Crusoé

The directions of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), gives House and Senate are concerned about possible depredations of the seats of powers Judiciary and Legislative, as a result of the forcefulness of protesters summoned for the 7th of September by the president Jair Bolsonaro. To avoid damage to public property, the request was for the Praça dos Três Poderes to be closed on this holiday. Independence Day.

In an official letter addressed to the DF Public Security secretary, Júlio Danilo, you general directors of the STF, Edmundo Veras, and of the Chamber, Celso de Barros Correia Neto, and the general director of the Senate, Ilana Trombka, ask for support from the DF security forces and “activation of the tactical-integrated protocol (PrTI)” during Tuesday’s protests, that is, the blocking of access to Praça dos Três Poderes, where the Planalto Palace is also installed. The DF Government took several measures to strengthen policing in the central area.

They ask together: “We agree that this request is intended to preserve public order and ensure the integrity of the premises of the headquarters of the Powers“. The measure was accepted by the Secretary of Security, but it displeased protesters who complained to government officials.

Truckers camped since yesterday (5th) at Parque Leão, on DF 060, wanted to have access to the road in front of Congress and the STF. Tonight, they got clearance to park next to the Esplanade.