STF authorizes account blocking to curb undemocratic acts

To prevent the financing of undemocratic acts scheduled for the September 7 holiday, Minister Alexandre de Moraes accepted a request from the Attorney General’s Office to judicially block withdrawals from the accounts of two agribusiness associations.

Sergio Reis is one of the members of the group that uses agribusiness funds to attack democracy and the Judiciary
Cleia Viana/Chamber of Deputies

The decision was handed down on Saturday (4/7) and affects the financial transactions of the Soybean Producers Association of Mato Grosso (Aprosoja-MT) and the National Association of Soybean Producers (Aprosoja), lasting until Wednesday (8th). /7).

Withdrawals from any funds in which these legal entities hold interest, in the respective proportion, are also blocked. The order also determines the identification of amounts transferred from the bank accounts of these entities to other entities or third parties.

The decision is part of a package of measures by the PGR authorized by the Supreme Court in view of the existence of an anti-democratic group financed by agribusiness with the objective of promoting acts against the Democratic State of Law on September 7, of which one of the exponents is the singer Sergio Reis.

The thesis is that these associations would provide the necessary funds to incite the population, through social networks, to practice criminal, violent acts that threaten democracy and its institutions during the holiday.

This hypothesis became clearer when the Covid-19 Parliamentary Inquiry Commission informed the PGR that the mayor of Cerro Grande do Sul (RS), Gilmar João Alba (PSL), was detained by the Federal Police at Congonhas airport with R$ 505 thousand stored in boxes inside your carry-on bag. Such resources would serve to finance undemocratic acts.

With that, the STF started to authorize steps. Seven search and seizure warrants were served, in addition to preventive arrest warrants against Marcio Giovani Niquelatti, Cassio Rodrigues de Souza and, more recently, Wellington Macedo.

In addition to them, the anti-democratic group is made up of Marcos Antônio Pereira Gomes (Zé Trovão), Eduardo Oliveira Araújo, Antônio Galvan, Alexandre Urbano Raitz Petersen, Turíbio Torres, Juliano da Silva Martins, Bruno Henrique Semczeszm and Sérgio Reis.

Reis, who went viral in a video in which he promised to pressure the Senate to file a lawsuit impeachment against STF ministers who became targets of President Jair Bolsonaro, he was one of those who went through search and seizure, and is still the target of representation by the Federal Public Ministry for threats to Congress and the Justice.

According to the PGR, the organization of probable acts of attack on democracy and institutions began with an interview with President Jair Bolsonaro informing that there would be a “counter-coup” to the acts understood as contrary to his administration, on 15 August.

Thus, it started to use revenues from soy producer associations, which receive funds (Fethab and Iagro) made up of public resources that do not have greater transparency nor have been earmarked for their original purposes, but as capital for financing pipelines. antidemocratic.

“I verify the relevance of the measures required by the Public Ministry, notably due to the lack of information about the use of these resources. Based on the general power of caution, it is necessary to adopt precautionary measures of a patrimonial nature to curb eventual financing of anti-democratic acts scheduled for the next 7th of September”, pointed out Minister Alexandre de Moraes.

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