STF blocks accounts and determines search and seizure in Aprosoja

On Monday afternoon (6), the Federal Police served a search and seizure warrant at the headquarters of Aprosoja MT (Association of Soy Producers of Mato Grosso), at the Administrative Political Center of Cuiabá.

The entity’s accounts were also blocked.

The determination is of the Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court, who accepted a request forthe Attorney General’s Office, within the scope of the inquiry about violent acts and threat to democracy.

As the report found out, agents are collecting documents and combing computers for evidence regarding possible financing of undemocratic acts.

The pro-Bolsonaro demonstration should take place in all capitals of the country this Tuesday (7), but will have Brasília and São Paulo as poles.

There is still in fulfillment the blocking of withdrawals from the institution’s bank accounts and also from the Aprosoja Brazil, whose president is the Mato Grosso rural producer Antônio Galvan.


Federal Police - Aprosoja

Federal Police agents search Aprosoja Mato Grosso headquarters

Moraes claimed that the blockades are necessary “to curb any funding for undemocratic acts scheduled for next September 7th.”

“[Determino] the blocking of withdrawals from any funds in which these legal entities hold interest, in the respective proportion, until Wednesday, 8.9.2021”, is contained in the decision.

Galvan is investigated in the investigation into violent acts and threat to democracy. He even had his residence searched by the Federal Police at the end of August, in compliance with a warrant and seizure.

He is the president of Aprosoja Brasil, and is accused by the PGR of allegedly financing through “assets allocated to legal entities” undemocratic acts.

“As an example of this organization, the use of revenues from Aprosoja Nacional, and the possible use of the structure of APROSOJA-MT (where the current president and investigated comes from) are cited to be destined for supporters of undemocratic acts” , justified the PGR in its request.

“For this purpose, funds (FETHAB and IAGRO) would be used, composed of public resources (contributions), which, according to the document in the case file, do not have greater transparency nor have been destined for their original purposes, but rather, as capital for financing agents to carry out the anti-democratic behaviors described above”, he added.



Federal Police - Aprosoja

PF vehicle in front of Aprosoja Mato Grosso

On August 20, the Federal Police carried out 29 search and seizure warrants throughout the country. One of them was in Sinop, at Galvan’s residence.

In addition to him, nine other people were also targeted: singer Sérgio Reis, federal deputy pocketnarista Otoni de Paula (PSC-RJ), singer Marcos Antônio Pereira Gomes, known as “Zé Trovão”, singer Eduardo Araújo, Wellington Macedo de Souza, Alexandre Urbano Raitz Petersen, Turíbio Torres, Juliano da Silva Martins and Bruno Henrique Semczeszm.

In the order, Moraes prohibited the group – except for the deputy – from approaching within one kilometer of Praça dos Três Poderes, in Brasília (DF).

The group plans to hold a protest on September 7, the commemoration of Brazil’s independence, at the headquarters of the Powers in the Federal Capital.

Galvan came into the STF’s crosshairs after holding a meeting in which singer Sérgio Reis defended the removal of the court ministers by the Federal Senate.

In the audio, a conversation with a friend that went public over the weekend, Reis said that “if in 30 days they don’t take the guys out, we’re going to invade, break everything and take the guys out. That’s it. That’s how it’s going to be. And the thing is serious”.

Reis also spoke of a meeting he had with President Jair Bolsonaro himself and with soldiers “from the Army, Navy and Air Force”, in which he informed what he would do.

The other side

Aprosoja Brasil, through a note, expressed its opinion on the decision. Read below.

Aprosoja Brasil accounts follow strict compliance rules. Thus, no irregular movement in the entity’s accounts was and cannot be made, as the expenses are used strictly for the core activities of Aprosoja Brasil.