TC Teach: how to request a limit increase on Nubank

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Today, following this routine, we present one more tip; this time for Nubank users! Learn below how to request an increase in your limit on roxinho’s credit card!

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How to request a limit increase on Nubank

Nubank recently announced that it plans to increase the credit card limit of more than 30 million of its customers over the next 12 months. According to fintech, more than 10 million of these should be impacted by the end of this year.

However, it may not be necessary to wait! As with other bank services, it is possible to request a new limit (or reduce it) at any time, through the company’s own application.

Below, see how to make this request.

  • With the Nubank app open, drag the screen down and tap the option Credit card.
  • On the new screen, tap set limit. Your current limit will be displayed.
  • tap the button Ask for a raise.
  • Enter the limit you think is ideal for your current moment and tap the arrow icon to proceed.
  • Choose a reason from those informed and tap Ask for a raise. Now just wait for the bank’s analysis and the order’s response.

That’s it, you’ve learned how to request an increase in your limit with Nubank! If your request is denied or not fulfilled as you expected, some points can help you in a future request.

According to the company itself, consumer behavior directly influences the analysis performed. Because of this, not delaying the payment of your bills, exploring your current limit, concentrating your expenses on the fintech card, avoiding revolving credit and keeping your income updated in the app can positively contribute to your limit increase happening.

Regardless of the result, you will be able to manipulate your limit in the way you prefer through the same screen that we accessed above, dragging the limit bar to the desired value.


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