The attitude that every sign should take with the entry of the New Moon in Virgo today!

On September 6th there is a New Moon in the sign of Virgo that can inspire all signs to take important steps in their lives.

Check out what they are:


Time to organize what is needed and increase your energy by making changes to your routine. Don’t be afraid to have more discipline and awareness with your relationships.


Time to benefit from working with creativity and clearing everything that might block your mind. Take projects forward by leaving the comfort zone. Opportunities also arise in love.


Your mind should expand and ask for a review of everything that has been learned so far. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge failures and embark on new partnerships with more awareness.


Communication will increase and you can reap important results. It’s time to invest in improvements and seek growth. Partnerships are important.

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Many restructurings take place and special attention needs to be paid to income. Remember that post opportunities and changes are accessed when you start acting at the root. Take care and don’t limit yourself to the superficial.


The learnings and changes needed need to be made clearer. It’s time to better understand your allies, including in love, to have positive collaborations. Find balance.


Time to leave behind everything that takes away your positive energy or brings negativity. Remember that to make changes, you need to rest and keep your balance; it will be more important to stay focused. Fertility can increase.


Dreams are realized and projects put into practice in a productive way, but also with a lot of organization. Read everything you sign carefully and keep your eyes peeled. Emotional relief will come when you see the results.


Focus on the details of your personal and professional life. Don’t be afraid to deal with changes in direction and rely on true allies. Just wake up your intuition and believe in its worth.

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It’s time to expand awareness and seek knowledge to expand your skills. Review and connect with your wisdom with great focus. Travel can be positive and pave the way.


Time when many difficult everyday issues demand your attention. Note the details and keep your judgment up to date. Love will also come with expansion and creativity, which can take you out of your comfort zone and deal with feelings.


Relationships can come into focus in an important way and some more practical or rational issues become evident. It’s time to think about desires and achievements to make changes, and even discover new goals.

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