‘The Rings Go And The Fingers Stay’, Says Almir Sater After Airline Robbery in ‘Dragnet’ | Mato Grosso do Sul

Almir detailed the G1 who worked in the field, on one of the farms in the Pantanal, shortly before he found out about the theft of the aircraft. “I’m in the Pantanal. I was in the field working, I arrived at lunchtime and I had around 300 calls,” he said.

  • Bandits who ‘drag’ and took 3 planes were ‘heavily armed and spoke Spanish’
  • The group does ‘arrastão’ at the airport and flees with planes belonging to singer Almir Sater, former mayor and cattleman from MS

Still in the field, Almir recalls having seen a young man riding a motorcycle. At this moment, the singer described the moment of apprehension.

“When we see these people in the countryside, we get worried. I already felt my heart sinking, I thought it would be something with my family. Then he told me that the plane had been stolen. Of the evils, it was the smallest. I saw the biker arrive and I was scared,” he shared.

Three years ago, Almir used the plane only for the demands of the farms he has in the Pantanal. The singer said that the periods of most use were the flood periods. “The aircraft served my farm, it wasn’t for shows. It served our Pantanal life. You can’t follow the news, but I’m hoping it will be successful,” he concluded.

The robbery would have occurred around 2 am (from MS). According to the police, at least 18 criminals were at the scene in the early hours of Monday (6). The group surrendered the watchman and forced him to refuel the planes, as well as other people who worked at the airport.

The following planes were taken:

  • One of the bonanza v35b type, registration PTING, owned by the rancher and former mayor of Aquidauana José Henrique Trindade
  • One of the Sky Lane type, registration PTKDI, owned by cattleman Zelito Alves Ribeiro and his partner, Joel Jacques
  • One of the Sky Lane type, registration PTDST, by the singer Almir Sater

As there was no lighting, the men entered through the back and at first tried to take an aircraft. As a result, they surrendered the watchman and forced him to supply, tying up the man afterwards and fleeing.

G1 in 1 minute: Group drags at airport and flees with singer Almir Sater's plane

G1 in 1 minute: Group drags at airport and flees with singer Almir Sater’s plane

A witness has already talked to the police. She said that she heard the noise from the moment they took off, however, she thought it was a medical emergency and, therefore, she did not go to check.

Teams from Campo Grande and other state and federal security agencies have already been notified of the situation. One of the hypotheses is that part of the bandits would be from the interior of São Paulo and part of Mato Grosso do Sul. They would have fled to Bolivia.

The bandits who hauled themselves at the Aquidauana airport, in the western region of the state, in the early hours of Monday (6) were “heavily armed”, some of whom spoke “Spanish and others Brazilian”, according to police .

The investigation, so far, shows that they spoke aggressively, however, they did not attack the guard and other victims. However, in one of them, the bandits would have thrown fuel.

“They went straight to the place where the aircraft were parked in the airport hangar and threatened all the time. Apparently, they spoke Spanish, so they would be Bolivian or Paraguayan. In one of the victims, they threw jet fuel,” the delegate told G1. Jackson Frederico, one of those responsible for the investigation.

The delegate was one of the first to arrive on the scene. In addition to him, municipal police officers and a team from the Department for Repression of Corruption and Organized Crime (Dracco) also went to the airport, as well as the Military Police Shock Battalion (BpChoque), the Federal Police and technicians from the Brazilian Air Force ( FAB).

Those involved must answer for the crimes of qualified theft through the use of firearms, restriction of the victims’ freedom and the competition of persons, since the investigation shows that at least 18 people, all dressed in black and using bullets, participated of criminal action.

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