The signs most affected by the New Moon in Virgo in September 2021

On September 6 a New Moon in Virgo takes to the sky and asks some signs to become more alert with desires, attitudes and restructuring.

Check out what they are:


Your willingness to get things done and go straight to action can play tricks. This is the time to focus on the details that can drive your projects and priorities, while still accessing all the nuances that can affect or contribute to your progress. Don’t be afraid to be more disciplined in your daily routine and also take care of your health so that you can devote your energy in a positive way. For relationships, this is a promising time for something more positive and sincere partnerships.

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Some of your problems with getting deeper and more sincere connections may show up at this stage. It’s important to stop feeling left out or misunderstood and start investing in relationships that have a chance of going to another level. It’s time to better understand your desires and commitments in the present. Your insight and ability to be outgoing will help you have great results. Use this phase to develop your creativity and let the connections flow. The chance of finding new relationships will increase.


The harmony in all actions that require partnerships can be a little unbalanced. Remember to know how to act with empathy while being creative and dreamy; this means that your expectations must be realistic and understanding of each other. It’s important to think about what you want to have, making changes, progress and highlights, but always equitably. Only in this way is it possible to create more harmonious bonds that achieve balance.

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