Thiaguinho has billionaire earnings as a businessman, says Forbes — check values ​​and find out details!

Behind the “daring and joy”, a lot of success! According to Forbes magazine, singer Thiaguinho has revenues of R$ 2 billion, after expanding his business beyond music. According to the magazine, the income came from his work as a manager of his own career and entrepreneur in the artistic field.

Back in 2009, Thiaguinho created the company Paz & Bem, responsible for managing his songs and all his work – whose income comes both from music and advertising. In 2021, Thiaguinho left the Som Livre record label and became the owner of his own record label, after an investment of R$52 million. Volume 2 of the album “Infinito”, for example, was released in July by Paz & Bem.

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With businesses beyond music, Thiaguinho has a turnover of R$ 2 billion. (Photo: Phillipe Guimarães)
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Thiaguinho is also open to the possibility of releasing songs by other artists someday, which could further expand the company’s horizons. “It will all depend on her growth, but it would be an honor. I’m a very curious guy in this sense of looking for new artists and composers”, he said, in an interview with the publication.

Even in times of pandemic, Thiaguinho claims to have kept control of the situation, ensuring the salary of all 210 employees with a formal contract. “We were always very organized financially, we were always concerned about the cash flow so that I could provide security in case something happened to me. We managed not to send anyone on our team, and that makes me very happy. I really appreciate the guys who help me be who I am and be able to do what I love”, commented.

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On the other side of his business, Thiaguinho closes many licensing contracts, offering ideas for products, not just working as a poster boy. Among some of its clients are even multinationals. In addition to all this, the musician became a sports brand ambassador months ago, with the right to create an exclusive line of products. “I’m happy to represent brands because it’s a big responsibility. They bet on their image and on everything that involves their career. It has to do with your conduct and your credibility”, he evaluated.

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Thiaguinho also joined a new business in the alcoholic beverages sector. (Photo: Globo/Disclosure)

If all the projects were not enough, Thiaguinho revealed that he is also entering the alcoholic beverages sector, to be head of communication and marketing for a gin brand. “I’m getting together with wonderful, winning people, which will make me grow a lot as a manager in a business other than music. It’s something new for me, an interesting challenge, and this involvement makes us better able to communicate a product to the public because it is part of the creation process”, he explained.

So it’s easy to look for that Moon in the sky, right?! Kkkk Powerful, see?