Thiaguinho makes R$ 2 billion a year as an entrepreneur and manager of his own career – É Hit

The singer Thiaguinho, also managing his own career, earns R$ 2 billion a year from business work. In an interview with the magazine forbes, the artist says that gains are possible for the company Paz & Bem, created by him in 2009, which allowed the expansion of business.

In addition to managing all of Thiaguinho’s music and works, the project also allows for an expressive gain with advertising actions for which the singer is hired.

In the last year, he became a sports brand ambassador and had exclusive product lines launched. In addition to being a poster boy, Thiaguinho tells Forbes that he also works in the part of management and delivery of ideas.

“I’m happy to represent brands because it’s a big responsibility. They bet on their image and on everything that involves their career. It has to do with their conduct and their credibility”, says the 38-year-old artist.

Sound Free Exit

In April of this year, Thiaguinho left Som Livre, stating that he would be going through disagreements to achieve artistic concepts of interest to you.

According to him, he tells forbes, after investment of BRL 52 million, he became the owner of his own record label, through Paz & Bem. He doesn’t even rule out bringing new artists to his management.

“Everything will depend on her growth, but it would be an honor. I’m a very curious guy in this sense of looking for new artists and composers”, he says.

career expansion

THE forbes, Thiaguinho also revealed that he recently started working on the alcoholic beverages sector: “I’m teaming up with wonderful, winning people.”

The paulista says that the entry in new markets is “what will make me grow a lot as a manager in a business other than music. It’s something new for me, an interesting challenge, and this involvement allows us to better communicate a product to the public as it is part of the process of creation”.

The company Paz & Bem has 210 employees, who had no contract suspended during the pandemic, according to Thiago. “We were always very organized financially and we were concerned with the cash so that I could provide security in case something happened to me”, reveals the singer.

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