Thiaguinho, with a fortune valued in billions, avoids ostentation

According to Forbes magazine, 38-year-old singer Thiaguinho earns R$ 2 billion a year from his company Paz & Bem — but the singer is very discreet with his assets.

At a glance through the singer’s hammocks, however, nothing is seen of a luxurious life. In the more than 6,000 posts made on his Instagram, Thiaguinho focuses on promoting his work, sharing content mostly about music.

The sambista announces shows that he will perform, records of views in videos and excerpts from presentations in which he is involved. There are no records of mansions, jets or luxury cars.

In publications outside the universe of music, Thiaguinho usually appears beside friends, having a drink, whether at the pool, at the bar or by the sea.

There are also records at the gym and birthday wishes, as for the ‘par‘Neymar.

Thiaguinho still proves to be someone very attached to his family, sharing both old photos, as a child, and current moments with members of his clan.

Recently, the singer spoke to “Som na Caixa”, from UOL, about making dreams come true.

Fortune rated by Forbes

According to Forbes magazine, singer Thiaguinho, 38, earns R$ 2 billion a year with his company Paz & Bem. Created in 2009 only as a publisher to manage the artist’s works and music, the company also became the record label and the place that manages Thiaguinho’s career.

I was very young at the time of the group [Exaltasamba], I didn’t have the knowledge of everything that happened in the music market and until today I seek knowledge, because it is a very wide universe. [Cuidar da própria carreira] it was a great opportunity to grow as an artist in every way. Not only musically, but also as a manager — and understanding everything that involves a career. Thiaguinho

In April, after officially breaking his contract with Som Livre, the singer invested R$ 52 million to expand his company and became the owner of his own record company, which was already responsible for the release of his new album, the second part of his project ” Infinite” in July.

Thiaguinho said that, although at the moment the label is only focused on his own work, he does not rule out working with other artists in the future.

“Everything will depend on her growth, but it would be an honor. I’m a very curious guy in this sense of looking for new artists and composers,” he said.

Currently, Paz & Bem has 210 employees with a formal contract and an indirect impact on approximately four thousand people. The singer said that there were no layoffs during the pandemic and that all salaries were maintained.

We were always very organized financially, we were always concerned about the cash flow so that I could provide security in case something happened to me. We managed not to send anyone on our team, and that makes me very happy. I really appreciate the guys who help me be who I am and be able to do what I love. Thiaguinho