Third dose complements immune response against covid-19, reinforces Sesa

The Undersecretary of Health Surveillance, Luiz Carlos Reblin, confirmed this Monday (06) afternoon the importance of vaccination with the third dose or booster dose to ensure immunization against covid-19.

The undersecretary also pointed out that the application of a third dose was already planned due to the time of effectiveness that the vaccine has and that, over time, the immune response is decreasing.

Photo: Agência Brasil/ Tânia Rêgo

Reblin recalls that Sesa asks all seniors, over 70 years old, to look for a health unit and check when they should receive the third dose.

The undersecretary also reinforced good practices to keep the new coronavirus away, such as: the mandatory use of protective masks, alcohol-gel and social distancing.

Application of the third dose has already started in some municipalities

This Monday morning (06), some municipalities in Greater Vitória began the application of the third dose in elderly people over 70 years of age and who took the second dose at an interval of six months.

Cariacica and Vila Velha were the cities to start applying the booster dose. The City of Cariacica informed that it will provide professionals for the application of the booster dose on Monday (06), Tuesday (07) and Wednesday (8th). Scheduling must be done through the website

By note, the City of Viana, through the Municipal Health Department, stressed that the elderly who are part of the group entitled to the third dose, who live in bed and who have a mobility problem will be visited and immunized at home. In the coming days, the vaccination calendar will be released on social networks.

The municipalities of Serra and Vitória still have no forecast to start the application of the third dose, as they have not yet received a new batch of vaccines, but which, soon, will make the vaccination calendar available.