Those who have taken a dose of a restricted batch of Coronavac must be monitored for 30 days – Health

RIO – THE Ministry of Health defined this Monday, 6, in a technical note, that people who took doses of one of the 25 batches banned from Coronavac should be monitored for 30 days to “evaluate possible adverse events”. It did not detail in the document, however, how the surveillance will be carried out.

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) suspended the use of 12.1 million doses of the immunizing agent produced in a Sinovac factory in China and not inspected by the Brazilian agency. The agency, however, has said the move is for caution and there is no reason to panic. The Butantan Institute, one of those responsible for Coronavac, has reinforced that the vaccine is safe and that the lots have undergone its quality control. The document also guides keeping the interdicted batches in quarantine, at a temperature of 2 °C to 8 °C, until the conclusion of the investigation by Anvisa. ”

After the federal manifestation, the State Department of Health of the River informed that the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro must carry out this monitoring. So far, only the city of Rio reported having used the doses of the batch banned by Anvisa. As the state, most of the doses used from the suspended batches were applied in the State of São Paulo. São Paulo authorities said they used about 4 million units of the banned shipments and did not record any adverse events.

Director of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations (SBIm), Renato Kfouri told the state not seeing the need for a monitoring strategy that is very different from those already adopted, since the ban on the part of Anvisa was due to the bottling of doses. “The vaccine is the same”, reinforces the infectologist.