Ticiane Pinheiro poses with César Tralli and her daughters and asks if she is pregnant

The presenter Ticiane Pinheiro delighted when she appeared with César Tralli and her daughters and talked about getting pregnant

the presenter Titian Pine she delighted in showing a moment of rest with her husband, journalist César Tralli, and their two daughters, Manuella, two years old, and Rafaella Justus, 12 years old.

Ticiane appeared together with César Tralli and their two daughters in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo. And when showing the beautiful photo, the presenter said: “A little more of our Sunday as a family! Love it too much”.

Internet users were just praise for the family. “Beautiful and vitamins!” commented one netizen. And another internet user said: “What a beautiful family!”. And a netizen said: “I think your family is so beautiful!! It conveys a lot of love just for the photo”.

The presenter also opened the game and talked about a new pregnancy. She said that she is not pregnant, but that she is trying to get pregnant. “Do you intend to have more children?”, asked an internet user. And Ticiane Pinheiro, who is 45 years old, replied: “I wanted more, today I’m fine with the two girls, but we leave it up to God. If it comes, it will be a great happiness”. Another internet user asked: “What method do you use to not get pregnant?”. And Ticiane explained: “None! Haha ha! I leave it in the hands of God!”.

Titian Pine she also talked about her routine and caring for her daughters. “Tici, how is your routine when there is no live program?”. And the presenter explained: “If I’m not taking care of the girls, taking them to the pediatrician, dentist, music class, art class, looking at school…I’m campaigning or recording for my channel”.

An internet user already asked about the personality of the youngest Manuella. “Manu looks a lot like the daddy of personality too?”, asked a netizen. And the presenter explained: “Manu has a strong personality and is very affectionate and happy. Laughing is up to her!”.
She even talked about traveling only with César Tralli. “I think you and Cesar are deserving of a trip just for you. Do you want to?” asked an internet user. And the presenter explained: “Yes, but we lack the courage to leave the girls…we are rehearsing…and there is also a lack of schedule for this because as we have 30 days of vacation we like to take a vacation with the girls”.

The famous mother even talked about Manuella’s school. “Manu goes to the kindergarten? How was Rafa’s adaptation?” asked an internet user. And the presenter explained: “Manu is going to school next year. Rafa started school at the age of three and it’s always more difficult for us parents, they take it literally”.

Ticiane also spoke about her relationship with Rafa’s ex-husband and father, businessman Roberto Justus. “Has Manu already gone to Roberto’s house with Rafa?”. AND Titian Pine replied: “Yes! Sometimes he spends the afternoon there playing with Rafa and Vicky (daughter of Roberto Justus with his current wife, Ana Paula Siebert)”.

She also explained that she lives near Roberto Justus and that this makes it easier for Rafinha to be divided between the two houses. “Does Rafa live with you?” asked a netizen. And Ticiane explained: “Yes! But she stays with her father a lot too. We live close by”.

Ticiane Pinheiro with her two daughters and her husband

Ticiane Pinheiro together with César Tralli and daughters Rafaella and Manuella

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