Tira-Teima’s second day at ‘The Voice Kids’ is marked by talents with instruments, invitation from Brown and choro from Gaby | 2021

He is a complete artist who speaks 🎸

Our kids proved once again that when it comes to talent, they are already professionals. In addition to showing that they give a show by singing, there were also people who rocked playing their instruments in the presentations. We stood here with our mouths open trying to understand how they manage to do this 😳 Are you doubting? So come see! 👇

In the first performance of the afternoon, Allonso Pieroni, aged 14, shone when singing the country hit “É o Amor”, by Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano, accompanied by his guitar.

Allonso Pieroni sings 'É O Amor'

Allonso Pieroni sings ‘É O Amor’

Soon after, 14-year-old Helloysa do Pandeiro took his inseparable instrument and, with swinging drumming, gave a beautiful performance of “Chiclete Com Banana”, a success in the voice of Jackson do Pandeiro.

Helloysa do Pandeiro sings 'Chiclete Com Banana'

Helloysa do Pandeiro sings ‘Chiclete Com Banana’

Then, it was the turn of Henrique Bonadio, 13 years old, to show his rock’n roll to the sound of “Crazy Train” accompanied by his guitar. He infected everyone with his excitement when singing the hit Ozzy Osbourne. 🤘

Henrique Bonadio sings 'Crazy Train'

Henrique Bonadio sings ‘Crazy Train’

Carlinhos Brown chooses who follows on 'The Voice Kids'

Carlinhos Brown chooses who follows on ‘The Voice Kids’

After such beautiful presentations, Brown struggled to choose the two voices that followed on his team (we understand you! 🥺), but ended up giving a very special gift to the two participants who said goodbye to the program. The singer invited Allonso Pieroni and Maria Alice Xavier to record a single in partnership with him. I confess that I loved it and I’m already looking forward to this release!

“Maria Alice, now I’m the one asking you for a chance, to turn the chair around for me. Are you willing to record a single with me? Allonso, that extends to you too.”

Izadora Rodrigues sings 'Fear Bobo'

Izadora Rodrigues sings ‘Fear Bobo’

During the performances of Time Gaby, the singer also struggled to make her choice, but she lived a very special moment. After the presentation of Izadora Rodrigues, Brown paid a beautiful compliment to her friend, which ended up making her unable to hold back her tears.

“Izabela, you match this team of mine, who is kindness in person and who has a soul…”, Brown said.

Next Sunday there’s more! Stay tuned to all the emotions of the The Voice Kids! ✌

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