Tottenham did not release Romero and Lo Celso to the qualifiers for Argentina and is considering fineing them

After being prevented from playing for circumventing the sanitary protocols of Anvisa for the qualifiers game this last Sunday (6), between Brazil and Argentina, athletes Giovani Lo Celso and Cristian Romero will also have to wait for possible punishments from Tottenham. According to the English press, the two Argentines were not authorized by the club to travel with the national team.

South America is on the UK government’s red list, so when returning from that continent, players must complete ten days of quarantine. For this reason, Premier League clubs decided not to grant authorization to athletes who would play Qualifiers matches in countries on the red list.

Tottenham have yet to reach a decision on whether Lo Celso and Romero will be punished, but both are likely to be fined. In order to mitigate the fitness problems that would arise in ten days of quarantine, the two players planned to spend that time training in Croatia, a country that is on the UK’s green list and therefore has no restrictions on players’ return.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said during the English teams’ decision in August that “Premier League clubs have always supported their players’ desire to represent their countries – this is a matter of pride for everyone involved. . However, clubs have reluctantly but rightly come to the conclusion that it would be totally irrational to release players under these new circumstances.”

In an official statement, FIFA commented on what happened: “Fifa regrets the scenes that precede the suspension of the match between Brazil and Argentina for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, which prevented millions of fans from enjoying a match between two of the most important football nations in the world.”