VASCO: Zagueiro Miranda is caught in a Conmebol anti-doping test

Defender Miranda, from Vasco, was caught in an anti-doping test carried out by Conmebol. The substance found was Canrenone, a diuretic prohibited by confederation regulations. The information was first released by ‘UOL’.

CBF and Vasco have already been notified of what happened and Conmebol has scheduled a hearing for tomorrow (7), in which the player can provide clarifications. Our report sought Vasco, but the club did not want to take a stand at first.

Soon after, Vasco issued an official note explaining part of the situation and blaming FFERJ for having leaked information that the club had already had a few months ago. Read in full:

“On the recent news involving defender Miranda, the Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama informs that it had known about the fact for a few months and kept the matter confidential, as it should be, in order to preserve the athlete. The Club regrets the leak of the confidential information by Fferj, which published the notification on its official website, making it public.

Upon being notified of the fact, in June, the Vasco Football Department sought the athlete and he guaranteed that he did not ingest the diuretic substance. The Club, therefore, trusts Miranda’s word and will continue to support it throughout the process, closely following up on her defense.

Although Vasco had been aware of the fact since June, it also knew that the result of the countertest would only be notified in early September. After the result, the Disciplinary Unit of Conmebol has scheduled a preliminary hearing for this Tuesday (07/09).

We inform, therefore, that no notice of preventive suspension was made by CONMEBOL and Miranda is still in normal game conditions.”

Miranda is 21 years old and has been playing at Gigante da Colina this season. He was even present in the last game of the cube, which took place on Friday (3), against Brasil de Pelotas. The team’s next challenge is against Avaí, on Monday (6), by Serie B.