Vehicle insurance has new rules and can get cheaper. Understand

Amazingly, only 16% of the Brazilian vehicle fleet has insurance coverage. This is what a recent study of the National Department of Transit (Denatran) and of the Superintendence of Private Insurance (Susep). However, this reality will change. After all, insurance rules have been simplified. And they will expand the offer of products, as well as access to policies.

Prepared by SUSEP, the new rules and criteria for the offer of car insurance were published in the Official Diary of the Union on August 13th. They aim to develop the market. With more freedom to choose and customize policies, consumers can then pay less. And, in practice, this makes it possible to contract coverage.

Auto insurance is one of the main modalities and has already collected R$ 17.4 billion in premiums in the 1st half of 2021 alone. The amount is 6.8% higher than in the same period in 2020.

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What changes?

According to SUSEP, one of the main innovations is the possibility of contracting insurance without identifying the vehicle. In this way, the policy is tied to the driver, not the car. As seen in the international market, the measure thus facilitates the life of those who rent cars or make signature. That can ease the pocket of app drivers, for example, that adopt car sharing.

“The consumer will have more options. And you can pay less for insurance. Not to mention the extra flexibility to find products that meet your specific interests. The option of having the insurance linked to the driver (and not to the vehicle) can be convenient for many consumers”, argues Rafael Scherre, director of SUSEP.

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More opportunities

For the superintendent of Susep, Solange Vieira, the changes in insurance will provide, therefore, many opportunities for the market. And, above all, to new consumers. “It’s about offering more access and choice”, points out Vieira.

The new rules allow the interested party to assemble their own coverage. According to Rafael Scherre, the customer can choose between different options, more or less comprehensive. That is, such as policies with partial coverage, or those that do not require the application of a deductible in case of full indemnity. And this freedom, already practiced by some insurers, directly reflects on the final cost.

Another change is that the insurance is subject to activation/deactivation by the contracting party while using the vehicle. This will also reduce costs. “We expect significant market growth with the expansion of coverage, inclusion and, above all, innovation”, argues Scherre. For the director of Susep, there is now a basis for an environment favorable to competition and new business, with fewer regulatory restrictions.

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Motorcycle insurance has news

The increase in coverage options will also change the landscape of the motorcycle insurance market. As with cars, it is now possible to contract plans for two-wheel models, according to the individual needs of each client. In other words, it is possible to pay only for tracking or even purchase other products, such as repairs to bodywork, headlights, flashlights and mirrors, for example.

With an eye on this market, the Ituran, tracking specialist, has just released a Motorcycle Insurance option in partnership with Tokio Marine. For now, the product is intended for motorcyclists in greater São Paulo, including the capital and metropolitan region. In this way, the customer can choose several additional services, according to their needs.

One of the novelties is the monitoring via cell phone. The application Ituran Digital BR, available on platforms Android and iOS, allows you to see the bike’s location in real time on your smartphone. It is also possible to define a circulation perimeter. Thus, if the vehicle leaves the delimited area, the user receives an alert from the app on the cell phone.

But there are rules. For now, Ituran Seguro Moto only accepts models for private use that are 6 years old and have a maximum engine capacity of 400 cylinders. This for coverage with 100% indemnity of the Fipe table in cases of total loss due to robbery, theft and fire. The plan has cell phone monitoring, electronic fence and car reservation for up to 15 days.

According to Roberto Posternak, commercial director of Ituran, the motorcycle insurance market has enormous potential for expansion with the new rules. This is because the number of policies only grows in the country. According to data from Denatran, there was a growth of 17.5% in the last five years, with a total of 33,893,329 motorcycles with some coverage in 2020.

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most stolen onyx

the most stolen cars

A survey carried out by the Tracker group with the Álvares Penteado School of Commerce Foundation (Fecap) revealed current data on the rates of car robbery and theft in the state of Sao Paulo. Between January and March 2021, there were 5,000 robberies, in addition to 13,000 vehicle thefts, a modality that has been growing in the pandemic.

Between the most stolen models, they are Chevrolet Onix, Hyundai HB20, Jeep Renegade and Toyota Hilux. The list features other well-selling SUVs, such as the Renault Duster it’s the Jeep Compass, in addition to more expensive models such as Audi Q3 and Volkswagen Tiguan. Among commercial vehicles, the popular Fiat Fiorino is a favorite of the bad guys, as is the small urban truck Hyundai HR.

The bulletin also points out which are the most stolen vehicles. The list has used templates, such as the Chevrolet Corsa, the charismatic Volkswagen Kombi and the SUVs Ford EcoSport and Hyundai Tucson. Among the new ones are Fiat Mobi, HB20, Tiguan, Hilux and Fiorino, in addition to the pickup trucks Montana Chevrolet and VW Saveiro.


Ka and Sandero are the most stolen popular

The best-selling hatches in the country in 2020 are also the most targeted by criminals in São Paulo in 2021. This is shown by another survey, from Carsystem. In it, the most stolen cars of the 1st semester in the city of São Paulo are compact hatches. In the ranking, the Ford Ka appears first.

Then comes the Chevrolet Onix, best seller of recent years. Renault Sandero, Volkswagen Goal and Hyundai HB20 complete the ranking. According to the Carsystem report, the occurrence of robberies and thefts grew by 15% in the period, with 1,600 calls. This compared to last year. The justification is that there was a significant increase in the movement of people after the most restrictive phase of the pandemic.

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