which groups have not yet received the release of withdrawals

The Federal Government paralyzed this Tuesday (7) the calendar of releases of the fifth installment of Emergency Aid. The reason is Brazil’s independence holiday. With this, these permissions for the withdrawal of the amount should return only next Thursday (9), which will be the day of the informals who were born in May.

According to Caixa Econômica, eight groups have not yet received the release for the withdrawals of this fifth installment. They are therefore people who were born in the months of May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December. The expectation is that they will all receive this for the next two weeks.

As said, Thursday (9), will mark the release of withdrawals for those who were born in the month of May. Soon after, on Friday (10), the permission to withdraw goes to those informal who were born in the month of June. These are therefore the two groups that should receive the cash later this week.

Next week, people will pick up these parcels in a five-day sequence. Those born in July receive on Monday (13), those born in August on Tuesday (14) and those born in September on Wednesday (15). The calendar continues on Thursday (16) for those born in October, and on Friday (17) for those who have their birthdays in November.

With this, only the release for users who were born in December is missing. They should only receive this permission to withdraw the fifth installment from Monday (20), that is, in a little less than two weeks. These people will have to wait a little longer than others.

what can you do until then

While the day of release of the withdrawals of the fifth installment does not arrive, individuals who are part of these groups can use the money through digital means. We are therefore talking about Caixa Tem or even Internet Banking.

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According to Caixa Econômica Federal, it is possible to carry out a series of procedures through these two means. You can pay off debts from bills or even purchases in virtual stores and establishments that accept this payment on the machine.

Those who used a part of the Emergency Aid money still digitally, can withdraw the rest from the date of release of their group. Also according to the general rules of the program, there is no impediment to this.

Emergency Assistance

It is worth remembering that the Federal Government’s Emergency Aid is entering its final stretch. According to the official rules of the program, the transfers should continue until the next month of October. The release of withdrawals must enter in the month of November.

In practice, what is known is that we will have two more payments for the 37 million Brazilians who are receiving money from the program. The Government has been denying the possibility of a new extension.

Starting next November, the Planalto Palace should start the transfers of the new Bolsa Família. The program, which still does not have values ​​defined by the Government, should serve fewer people than this current version of Emergency Aid

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