which movie will be shown on TV Globo on Monday, 06/09

An American film will be shown in afternoon session today, Monday, September 6 (06/09), at 3 pm (Brasilia time), on TV Globo. Directed by Ken Marino, “Our Life With Dogs” is a feature-length romantic comedy.

A group of people in Los Angeles, in the United States, do not have nothing in common. The only thing that connects strangers is their dogs.

These dogs then start to influence the trajectories of your tutors. They connect a news anchor, a dog-walking man, a businessman and others all in one place.

The cast includes Adam Pally, Eva Longoria, Nina Dobrev, Rob Corddry, Tone Bell and Vanessa Hudgens.

This week, the Afternoon session will exhibit: “Storks – The Story That Didn’t Told You” on Tuesday 7th; “Paper Cities” on Wednesday 8th; “What Makes You Stronger” on Thursday 9th; and “Cine Holliúdy 2 – A Chibata Sidereal” on Friday, 10.

Watch the trailer of the movie that will show today in the Afternoon Session

afternoon session today

Our Life With Dogs

When: today, Monday, September 6 (06/09), at 3 pm

Where: on TV Globo’s open channel

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