Who is Aninha Nunes, singer murdered while riding a motorcycle in Salvador

Aninha Nunes, artistic name of the singer Ana Cláudia Nunes da Cruz, 29, built a career in the Bahia pagoda before being murdered in the early hours of this Monday (6). She acted as backing vocals and dancer for some groups and, more recently, accompanied the singer Vinícius Amaral, from the band Uh Brabo Amaral.

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With passages in the bands Golaço and Hashtag, Aninha managed to captivate a part of the public and accumulated 18 thousand followers on social networks. His Instagram is full of publications with scenes from parties and concerts he attended.

She, who also worked as a hairdresser, liked to innovate in hairstyles and used to post photos and videos with the results of the procedures performed on her and clients’ hair.

In his most recent photo, friends, acquaintances and fans paid their respects. “God [a] put it in a good place. I knew her”, commented one user. “The sadness of friends and family is immeasurable. God comfort everyone! Scared by this news,” said another.

the case

Singer Ana Cláudia Nunes da Cruz, 29, was shot dead this Monday (6) at Avenida Luís Eduardo Magalhães, in Cabula. According to the Civil Police, the woman, who has acted as backing vocals in pagode bands, was shot while on a motorcycle with her boyfriend.

Photo: Reproduction/Social Media

A witness told police that a man approached the couple on another motorcycle and shot Ana Cláudia. Shot, she died still on the spot.

Ana Cláudia’s boyfriend was summoned to testify at the Department of Homicide and Personal Protection (DHPP), which will conduct the investigation.

There is still no information on suspects or motives for the crime.