Willian praises Brazilian football and talks about career goals with his return to Corinthians

Midfielder Willian gave a press conference this Monday afternoon, at CT Joaquim Grava. The athlete, who returned to Brazil after 15 seasons abroad, praised the evolution of football in the country.

Many players are coming back, I think this raises Brazilian football even more, the quality of the individual and all teams grows. I think the Brazilian Championship is one of the toughest in the world, due to the number of teams that can win the title. So, having famous players coming back is very good for Brazilian football”, said the athlete.

Willian is the most recent member of a growing list of players with an extensive history in international football who have returned to Brazil in recent seasons. In addition to the new Alvinegro jersey, Hulk and Diego Costa played for Atlético-MG, Miranda for São Paulo, Douglas Costa for Grêmio and Renato Augusto and Giuliano themselves for Corinthians.

Still on his return, Willian commented on his career goals in this second spell at Timão. At 33, the midfielder says he still dreams of new calls for the Brazilian team.

I always had this goal of wearing the team’s shirt, I know I had a difficult year, last season was not a good year for me. But never stop thinking and dreaming again about wearing the national team’s shirt. I believe that if I’m doing well, playing well here at Corinthians, the chances of me being able to return to the Brazilian team grow even more, but my first objective is Corinthians, is to be well at Corinthians, is to be winning the games, to be playing well and consequently to think about it, to think about the national team”, analyzed the athlete.

Under the command of Felipão and Tite, Willian defended Brazil in the 2014 and 2018 World Cups. In all, he has 70 games with the hopscotch, in addition to nine goals scored and a title, the 2019 Copa America.

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