Without chips, serial multimedia leaves Polo and Virtus, which increase

Without chips, serial multimedia leaves Polo and Virtus, which increase

As you’ve already seen on Nivus and Fox, VW’s 2022 line is being affected by the lack of semiconductors in the global supply chain, especially after the closure of Malaysia by Covid-19.

Thus, without chips, the multimedia offer as standard in versions 1.0 MPI and 1.6 MSI by Polo and Virtus, now you can only have the device as an option, in a package of R$ 1,820.

In Gol and Voyage, the option comes in the Urban Complete package, which costs a fortune, as well as in Saveiro. If that wasn’t enough, VW well increased the prices of Polo and Virtus for this change of line.

The Polo starts with a reduction of R$ 120 in the 1.0 MPI, going from R$ 67,790 to R$ 67,670. But, from there, everything only increased, with the 1.0 MSI going from R$ 79,090 to R$ 79,270, an increase of R$ 180, the same as the automatic, which now costs R$ 80,370.


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However, the Comfortline version rose from R$93,990 to R$96,350, an increase of R$2,360. Highline, which already costs more than R$100 thousand, became R$2,500 more expensive, going from R$100,990 to R$103,490. The GTI sports car rose R$3,100, reaching R$126,190.

On Virtus, the 1.6 MSI option went from R$85,190 to R$85,470, an increase of R$280. ​​In the automatic, the increase was R$480, now reaching R$92,870. Comfortline rose from R$ 98,390 to R$ 100,890, an increase of R$ 2,500.

At Virtus Highline, the price is now R$ 115,290 compared to R$ 112,490, an increase of R$ 2,800. Finally, the GTS now reaches R$ 132,290, an increase of R$ 3,200.

Volkswagen Polo and Virtus 2022 – Prices

  • Volkswagen Polo 1.0 MPI 2021 – BRL 67,670 (previously it was BRL 67,790)
  • Volkswagen Polo 1.6 MSI 2021 – R$79,270 (previously it was R$79,090)
  • Volkswagen Polo 1.6 MSI AT 2021 – R$ 80,370 (previously it was R$ 80,190)
  • Volkswagen Polo Comfortline 200 TSI AT 2021 – R$ 96,350 (previously it was R$ 93,990)
  • Volkswagen Polo Highline 200 TSI AT 2021 – R$ 103,490 (previously it was R$ 100,990)
  • Volkswagen Polo GTS 250 TSI 2021 – BRL 126,190 (previously BRL 123,090)
  • Volkswagen Virtus MSI 1.6 MT 2021 – R$ 85,470 (previously it was R$ 85,190)
  • Volkswagen Virtus MSI 1.6 AT 2021 – R$92,870 (previously it was R$92,390)
  • Volkswagen Virtus Comfortline 1.0 TSI AT 2021 – R$ 100,890 (previously it was R$ 98,390)
  • Volkswagen Virtus Highline 1.0 TSI AT 2021 – R$ 115,290 (previously R$ 112,490)
  • Volkswagen Virtus GTS 1.0 TSI AT 2021 – R$132,290 (previously R$129,090)