Youtuber creates an X-ray machine at home after being frightened by the hospital bill

One man built his own X-ray machine after receiving a hospital bill of $69,210.32. In a video, youtuber Willam Osman teaches you what it takes to create the machine and shows you the final result.

Of the amount that was charged, Osman will only have to pay around $2,500 thanks to his health insurance. However, the bill made him wonder if he couldn’t create a machine from scratch cheaper than what he was charged.

While the answer is yes, there are several factors to consider before trying to do this at home. Messing with radiation, for example, is very dangerous. As the engineer himself says: “My will to do science is significantly stronger than my will to live. This is the most dangerous contraption I’ve ever built.”

All the pro used was a $155 X-ray vacuum tube he recovered from a broken dental machine he bought on eBay, a giant roll of lead sheet, several Geiger counters, and an electricity supply capable of providing 60 thousand volts.

With the equipment, which cost much less than what the hospital charged, he was able to produce a very good image of a bone.

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“This is actually pretty good,” radiologist Michael Cellini said in a reaction video, though he pointed out that it’s nowhere near the standard imaging you’d get at the hospital. “I’m really impressed that it’s just in your garage,” he said.