Zé Felipe finds ‘guilty’ of the confusion between João Guilherme, Jade Picon and Neymar

The morning of this Tuesday (7) was marked by a rumor involving João Guilherme, ex-girlfriend Jade Picon, and who knows? The player Neymar! That’s right. According to the Gossip do Dia profile, the ace of the Brazilian team would have been the influencer during a party on the weekend. It didn’t take long for the subject to be among the most talked about.

João Guilherme stopped following his former friend, with whom he had several photos in the profile from Instagram. Zé Felipe revealed who is to blame for this whole situation this morning. Blame it on a star, yes. John’s brother appeared in Stories: “Answering questions here that’s been packed since last night. This phone doesn’t stop“.

I only have one thing to tell you: ‘CBF is at fault,” he joked. So as not to leave it cheap, João Guilherme was in all of Bruna Marquezine’s last photos and enjoyed everything he saw ahead. The public soon noticed the attitude of Leonardo’s son to reach Neymar. The public soon compared the player’s attitude with that of the singer Vitão. That’s because, in February this year, Neymar commented on the photo of João Guilherme and Jade Picon, and wrote: “Beautiful couple of porr*”.

It did not go unnoticed by internet users and divided opinions: “I doubt Neymar will suffer the hater that Vitão suffered”. The singer made a very similar comment when Luísa was still married to Whindersson. João Guilherme did not confirm that his ex-girlfriend would have stayed with Neymar, but he left the screenshot of an alleged conversation between him and Jade. The content was as follows: “I found out who you hooked up with. Thanks for nothing. you’re kind of crazy in the head“.

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And keeps going: “I don’t really know you, but congratulations. It was a great way to feed your ego, it’s a shame we ended up like that, anyway.” says Leonardo’s son in conversation. Later, João made a post on Twitter making it clear to his followers that he would be okay with the situation. “I won’t sleep in a fetal position today, I swear it’s okay family…. I’m going to take advantage and become a country singer”, he wrote. Their relationship lasted three years.

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