1st contact with Great Wall electric car in Europe

Not so well known yet, Now is the electric car brand of the Chinese group Great Wall. Now, Ora is preparing the ground for expanding into Europe. In a preview just before IAA Mobility, our friends from InsideEVs Germany had contact with the sub-brand’s first model, the now cat.

Ora models tend to adopt ‘cat’ in their nomenclatures in China. We’ve been talking about the Punk Cat for a few months now, and the car that appears in these photos was previously known as the Good Cat. But in Europe the names must adopt a different system, which Chinese and German marketing are still working on. ‘Cat’ is therefore only a provisional name.

After a first lap with the car, I had the impression that it was a small car. Exactly, says the Italian product manager, this is exactly what we wanted to achieve: the car should look as short as a small car, but in reality the Cat is about 4.20 meters long like a VW ID.3 – a compact/medium car.

The second impression was: what a strange design. I really like the front – vaguely reminiscent of a Porsche or Mini. The blue-green pearl effect paint and white ceiling are also nice. What the hell? Well, judge for yourself. The intriguing thing about this is that the lanterns were hidden. It’s not my taste, but the car shouldn’t please people in their fifties, but young people.

Now Cat 1 (2022)

Also, there should be a second “GT” variant, which gives the car a dynamic feel. There is also a lowering, front air intakes, a rear diffuser and a small roof spoiler. Red appliqués on wheels and elsewhere also enhance the look, as we could see in the first few photos.

It is powered by a 120 kW (163 hp) electric motor, which supposedly drives the car 160 km/h. Two battery versions with 49 and 63 kWh are planned, which should result in autonomy of around 300 and 400 km, respectively. Batteries are supplied by Chinese manufacturer CATL. Charging is done with alternating current of up to 22 kW or at the DC fast charging station. Then you should recharge the small battery from 0 to 80 percent in 45 minutes, with the large battery taking an extra ten minutes.

Now Cat 1 (2022)

As strange as the exterior looks, the cabin is well designed. On the dashboard there is a standard 20.5″ dual screen, the materials in the version we tested are almost premium level. The surfaces look like leather but are vegan. We find the feel of the “leather” quilted with diamonds on the inside of the panel. port, particularly impressive considering the segment.

In terms of technology, the ‘electric cat’ offers matrix LED headlamps with which you can leave the high beam on because it reads oncoming oncoming vehicles and controls the beam. A radar system and front camera for semi-autonomous driving are standard features. There is face recognition inside, which makes it possible to automatically adapt certain settings to the driver. For example, the driver’s seat automatically moves to the correct position when entering.

At the rear, this first Ora has a surprising amount of space. No wonder, because during development priority was given to space for those going after. Disadvantage: The trunk is much smaller than normal in compact cars. Balancing heavy cartons of drinks above the ceiling shouldn’t be easy either.

Prices for Ora Cat should start at around 30,000 euros. This is relatively cheap by current European standards, not least because with this amount you can only access compact electric cars like the Opel Corsa-e or the Renault Zoe. We just hope it’s the price before the funding/incentives – it hasn’t been released yet.

The presentation will take place at IAA Mobility and reservations should be opened by the end of the year and deliveries will begin in the first half of 2022. A second Great Wall brand, which also wants to launch in the European market from 2022, will also be present. at the German event with the Wey Coffee 01 plug-in hybrid SUV.

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