7th of September: Pocket groups divide between euphoria and frustration with demonstrations – 07/09/2021

Members of Bolsonarist groups on the Telegram had mixed reactions to the pro-government demonstrations this September.

While some extolled the actions and said they were hopeful of actions that could be taken by Jair Bolsonaro in the coming days, others expressed frustration with the president’s speeches and evaluated that he had lost the chance to adopt more drastic measures.

BBC News Brasil monitored the reactions to the demonstrations in three pocket groups.

Many members posted photos and videos of protests in various cities and praised the number of people present.

Among the most enthusiastic were criticisms of media outlets covering the events and insinuations that failures in broadcasting the president’s speeches had been deliberately caused.

“I don’t expect anything from the media! Serious information is here. Real!!”, said one activist in a channel with 36,000 members that defines itself as the “largest support group for Bolsonaro in Brazil”.

Another member of the group classified Tuesday’s demonstrations as “gigantic, fantastic and historic”.

“My god, I’ve never seen anything so giant,” said another.

A pocket activist in Jundiaí (SP) also praised the “good public” present at the event in the city, but complained about the absence of young people.

“Without complications, lines, children, elderly. But unfortunately, teenagers and young people none! We need to rethink how to reach this population of 16 to 40 years, remembering that they will be the future and destiny of the nation! And today they can’t even see in a concrete way what’s happening,” he warned.

‘It didn’t do any good’

Several members, however, had a more negative evaluation of the actions and complained about the president’s speeches, saying they expected more forceful actions.

For them, Bolsonaro should have mobilized the Armed Forces for an “intervention” or announced tougher measures in its clash against the Supreme Court (STF).

“What action will he take? Once again we took to the streets for NOTHING,” said one supporter.

“I found the pronouncement very weak. The people want more. Enough of 4 lines of the Constitution. The President should have summoned the impeachment of at least three STF ministers”, wrote another.

“Congratulations to the people for their efforts, but it didn’t help, where’s the intervention? It only gave them an opportunity to screw the president even more,” said one member.

Faced with criticism of the president, some members asked their colleagues for patience.

“Calm down, friend, God is in charge, you can’t solve things overnight, you have to have a strategy”, pondered one supporter.

“The speeches and all the people in the street is a step in this war,” said another.

“People want to put the car before the horse. Bolsonaro is the smartest guy in politics,” said one member.

‘Anything can happen’

Several members of the groups said they were hopeful about the announcement that Bolsonaro would convene the Council of the Republic this Wednesday (8/9).

The body’s duties include dealing with the “stability of democratic institutions of law”.

“Bolsonaro has already acted, folks. He’s going to trigger the republic council on the 8th. Anything can happen. Let’s pray,” wrote one supporter.

“Tomorrow the whip cracks,” said another.

The convening of the Council, however, did not happen.

A large part of the messages published throughout the day, however, did not deal with the demonstrations themselves, but rather denounced the presence of “infiltrated leftists” in the groups.

“Guys, let the insiders talk to themselves, let’s not give them a hit, that’s what they want… let’s go ahead”, asked a supporter.

“The reality is that this group is abandoned,” complained another member. “All day we were denouncing infiltrated leftists and NO administrators spoke.”