After Fernanda Souza, Thiaguinho overcomes and has a surprising turnaround

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Thiaguinho was among the most talked about topics on Twitter this Wednesday morning, 8, why? it was because the singer became the youngest billionaire in Brazil. Pagododeiro invested 52 million reais to own his own record label and had a return of R$2 billion.

“Thiaguinho turned his career around, the singer invested R$ 52 million to own his own record company and now officially became a billionaire, earning R$ 2 BILLION a year managing his own career”, said a Twitter page.

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Although there was an article on Forbes talking about the wealth of Thiaguinho, many people began to doubt their achievement. For some, the pagodeiro is not even considered as famous in Brazil, something that was denied by fans.

“I’m shocked by the comments… Seeing black on top is always like this, does it hurt? Always a question of distrust of how he managed to get there. And for the baba ovo de gringo, music isn’t just foreign pop, isn’t it? Sad to see these people not recognizing how big Thiaguinho is”, said a netizen.

Thiaguinho it’s not even that famous.” or “Is all this money his?” What do you mean fdp? Leave that little pop world there… The guy sold Maracanã, he’s a composer, musician, businessman and has a career since 2002. In addition, he fed a good part of the segment with compositions”said another.