Agnaldo gets rid of the dollars by throwing everything into the streets

In grab hold, the house will fall to Agnaldo (John Baldasserini). The boy is desperate and decides to flee the hotel with his dollars.

It all starts when the ex of Sandra Helena (Nanda Costa) hears a suspicious call to Douglas (William Weber). The manager says something about theft and scares the hotel employee.

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Agnaldo believes he was discovered as one of the money robbers from the sale of Carioca Palace. Without thinking too much, he gathers his things and leaves the place. The only stop is at the house of chili pepper (Marcelo Serrado), who advises him to flee using false documents.

At this point, the police have already taken note of the escape of the receptionist, who rents a car and is preparing to leave town. However, he is quickly spotted and chased over land and air.

With no way out, Agnaldo starts to cry. He remembers another piece of advice from Malagueta. “Anything, get rid of the dollars. If they catch you with the dollars, it will be worse…”, shoots the thief.

With a pain in his heart, Agnaldo opens his purse, takes the money bills and starts throwing them out of the car. Fortune flies along the road and soon draws people’s attention, who take the risk to get everything. “I’m poor again. Screwed and poor”, sees the boy, in tears.

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