Al Ain and Grupo City consult for the defensive midfielder Fernando Henrique, from Grêmio | Guild

Midfielder Fernando Henrique is the target of interest from Al Ain, from the United Arab Emirates, and from Grupo City, a conglomerate of teams, the most important being Manchester City. The two institutions made inquiries about the Grêmio player recently.

The most concrete scenario is from the Emirates club, which made contact with the player’s manager, Marcelo Pacheco, even to seek information on amounts for a possible transfer. However, Grêmio’s intention is not to release the steering wheel at the moment.

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Al Ain did not make clear how much it intends to offer in a proposal, but the negotiations indicated an amount close to US$ 5 million (R$ 25 million). The Tricolor has already been informed of the interest of the UAE club — the local window runs until next month.

Fernando Henrique with businessman Marcelo Pacheco — Photo: Marcelo Campos/Publishing

Grupo City, which has been prospecting several youngsters in Brazilian football in recent seasons, also made initial contacts to find out about the situation of the defensive midfielder. Fernando’s style of play was mentioned in conversations. Recently, the group hired Diego Rosa, who didn’t even debut for Tricolor and is currently at Lommel, in Belgium.

The understanding is that Grêmio’s moment makes it difficult for young people to play a sequence of games. Felipão has been using more experienced players to try to react in the fight against relegation.

The 20-year-old defensive midfielder started at the beginning of the coach until Thiago Santos recovered. He played 16 games in the 2021 season, his first in the senior group.

Fernando Henrique renewed with Grêmio last year until the end of 2024 with a fine of 40 million euros (BRL 245 million). The club from Rio Grande do Sul has 60% of the economic rights of the athlete.