Andreas pumps social networks with the strength of Flamengo fans and praises: “Thing from another world” | Flamengo

Even before his performance and debut for Flamengo, Andreas Pereira proved what he always heard about the strength of the red-black fans. Even with the experience of playing for Manchester United, one of the most popular clubs in the world, he was impressed.

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Andreas Pereira on his debut for Flamengo, against Santos — Photo: Alexandre Vidal/Flamengo

Since the negotiation with Flamengo became public, Andreas Pereira has seen his profile on social networks have a significant increase in followers and interactions.

– I was very impressed with the affection of the fans, with the greatness of the club. Of course, Flamengo is the most famous in Brazil around the world, but living this is different. And look, I haven’t even played with the fans yet, but I’ve felt the affection since I arrived in Rio. They welcomed my whole family. Thing from another world. Impressed me a lot – Andreas told the ge.

The reach of Flamengo fans:

  • Andreas Pereira’s ad video on Flamengo had over 2.1 million impressions.
  • It rescued 125,000 new visits to its Instagram page in 24 hours.
  • Andreas’ first steps trilogy in Flamengo had 2 million views and 3.5 million accounts reached.
  • Andreas has only acted for nine minutes so far, but his account has jumped from 2.4 million followers to 2.9 million.
  • Since Andreas arrived at Flamengo, 1.4 million people who did not follow him visited his page.
  • 315% increase in accounts reached, 57.3% more interaction and 1000% more visits to the profile.

Matheus Diniz, from Aces Sport, the agency responsible for the player’s image and advice, said that going to Flamengo was a great opportunity to explore the fans’ engagement potential.

– When Andreas called me talking about Flamengo’s interest, we immediately started to study the crowd’s culture, behavior, tastes, etc. As was to be expected, due to the Latino culture and the size of the club, Flamengo is one of the most engaged fans in the world on social media, even more so than Manchester United. We realized that we had a great opportunity to show the importance of going to Flamengo also from Andreas’ point of view – said Matheus, who works with other athletes like David Luiz, Kurzawa and David Neres.

Check out Andreas Pereira's debut for Flamengo

Check out Andreas Pereira’s debut for Flamengo

When Andreas arrived at Flamengo, videos were made in which the player also participated in the elaboration. There was even use of music from the fans that mentions Liverpool, the midfielder’s former rival when he played in England.

– The production of the presentation animation was written by me and the athlete himself. The elements of the club, the city and the arrival at Maracanã with the song of the Nation that provokes Liverpool, Andreas’ main rival since the age of 16, linked his past to his future. We decided that producing a trilogy of videos of his arrival would be Andreas’ best calling card. All our goals have been achieved so far with our content – he said.

Andreas Pereira debuted in the 4-0 victory over Santos and scored a goal. Flamengo’s next commitment is the game against Palmeiras, on Sunday, in São Paulo.