Anitta questions motive for pro-Bolsonaro demonstrations

Anitta, a 28-year-old singer and businesswoman, questioned the reason for the events scheduled for this September 7th by supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party).

In the Instagram story, the artist from Rio took a stand against the protests:

Guys, I’m confused about a subject. These people who are on the street celebrating whatever about Bolsonaro today on the day of the independence of Brazil, at this moment when I think we are not having independence or freedom, what exactly are they celebrating? What’s going on good? In what aspect is Brazil good? What is the celebration? What good is going on to celebrate? I don’t understand, I’m very confused. Anitta

Em seu perfil no Twitter, a cantora também criticou os manifestantes pró-Bolsonaro por usarem camisas que fazem referências ao Brasil. “We can’t wear more clothes from Brazil that already think we’re part of the crazy group,” he added.

Like Anitta, other artists such as actresses Samantha Schmütz and Ingrid Guimarães, singers Duda Beat and Daniela Mercury, and actors Bruno Gagliasso, Fábio Porchat and Lázaro Ramos also spoke out against the acts of today.

“Se você ainda apoia o presidente Bolsonaro em 2021 ou você é ignorante, ou mau-caráter ou os dois. Não há outra possibilidade”, escreveu Porchat em seu perfil no Twitter.