Anti Bolsonaro protesters take to the streets in defense of democracy | National Newspaper

On September 7, there were also demonstrations against President Jair Bolsonaro and the government’s economic policy and in defense of democracy in the 26 states and the Federal District.

In Brasília, the demonstration took place next to the TV Tower, two and a half kilometers from the Esplanade where the president’s supporters were.

The protesters wrote the message “Beans, yes; rifle, no”. A criticism of Bolsonaro’s recent statement urging the population to arm themselves. And they also asked for the defense of the Amazon and the president’s departure.

In Salvador, a banner was extended on the track asking for Bolsonaro to leave. Protesters took mini gas canisters in reference to high inflation.

In Recife, percussion groups and sound cars accompanied the protest against the federal government.

In Teresina, imitations of dollar bills were pasted on crosses to remember the dead from the pandemic and the suspicions of corruption in the purchase of vaccines.

In Maceió, protesters defended the president’s impeachment, complained about the prices of the basic food basket and the increase in the party fund.

Indigenous people protested against the Temporal Framework, a thesis according to which Indians can only claim the lands they already occupied before the promulgation of the 1988 Constitution.

In Porto Alegre, crosses referred to the nearly 600,000 lives lost in the pandemic and the delay in the purchase of vaccines.

The protest in Florianópolis was in the rain.

In downtown Rio de Janeiro, banners defended democracy and asked for vaccines and food for everyone. There were also messages for Bolsonaro’s impeachment, repudiation of the military dictatorship and police violence in the favelas.

In Belo Horizonte, protesters complained about unemployment and high food prices.

In São Paulo, the demonstration for democracy and against Bolsonaro took place in the Anhangabaú Valley. It is the same stage as the historic rally in defense of direct elections in 1984.

Fernando Haddad, from PT, and Guilherme Boulos, from PSOL, who were presidential candidates in the 2018 election, spoke. There were also speeches by Gleisi Hoffmann, PT president, and representatives of other leftist parties. They criticized the government and defended democracy.