Arnaldo: Fernando Diniz was never a good coach, his departures are similar – 07/09/2021

Fernando Diniz was fired from Santos after the defeat last Saturday (4) to Cuiabá, in Brasileirão, passing by his fourth great Brazilian club without winning a title and before the end of his contract, as had already happened at Athletico- PR, at Fluminense and São Paulo, in which he had a chance to win a trophy, having led the Brasileirão with a seven-point advantage, before a negative streak.

on the podcast Ball Posse #158, Arnaldo Ribeiro states that Fernando Diniz was never a good coach and his spells at the big clubs indicate that, with a large number of defeats and no title, despite being often praised for his attempt to play purposeful football.

Never was [bom técnico]. He can be a different technician and get attention. I think his passages for the four clubs that are currently in Serie A, Athletico-PR, Fluminense, São Paulo and Santos, well observed, prove that he is not a good coach. He’s a different coach and that’s why he stands out. Also different on the edge of the field, let’s say, uncontrolled and everything else,” says Arnaldo.

“His tickets and departures, apart from São Paulo, which he stayed longer, set a record there, are very similar. I think the issue of São Paulo, remembering, is also due a lot to the situation of the pandemic, the lack of public at the stadium, which allowed him, after some resounding failures, those that the fans do not forgive, could be forgotten for him to continue and even make that campaign at the Brazilian Nationals”, he completes.

The journalist says that Fernando Diniz’s career as a coach reminds a little of what he had as a player, when he emerged as a promise in the youth categories, but he was not successful in the professional that corresponded to expectations.

“I remember Fernando Diniz a lot, a player and I think he is similar. Fernando Diniz, a player, was a great promise, he always was. He was considered the best player in São Paulo in the under-20, he played for Palmeiras, he played for Corinthians, but he couldn’t make it to the professional the player he promised. So he was a promise as a player and remains a promise as a coach,” says Arnaldo.

“It invariably happens with his clubs what happened now with Santos, the team starts to lose, lose set, confidence, his mind, his relationship with the players deteriorates and he leaves either with the team in the relegation zone or at the gates of the relegation zone. It was like that at Athletico-PR, Fluminense and Santos. It wasn’t in São Paulo, it’s true, but also because of this pandemic issue, São Paulo had been eliminated by Mirassol, who joined a picked up at Morumbi by Paulista, and I certainly wouldn’t resist Diniz if there was an audience at the stadium, that’s why I’ll come back to this point,” he adds.

Arnaldo says he has doubts about whether Diniz will ever have opportunities in big clubs like the ones he had at Athletico-PR, Fluminense, São Paulo and Santos, pointing out that his curriculum does not bring the necessary achievements.

“I don’t know if he will continue to have great opportunities as he has had in recent years. An incredible sequence for those who didn’t have any results and then we can discuss how Fernando Diniz is sometimes compared to coaches like Rogério Ceni, as another one of this generation, who have already gained a lot, who have already achieved results and the guys put it on the same level as Fernando Diniz”, says Arnaldo.

“Fernando Diniz’s career as a coach has more defeats than victories, simple as that. I don’t know if the path is another role in football or restarting his career for a more modest team, as he did with Audax, trying to make another formula for success, which he has not achieved as a coach of professional teams,” he concludes.

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