Artists demonstrate on September 7th

Between “outside, Bolsonaro” or marching in favor of the president, artists demonstrated on social media on 7 September. Vera Holtz, for example, made a map of Brazil with beans, and it was widely shared by colleagues, precisely because Jair Bolsonaro’s speech, which he called “idiot” who says he needs to buy beans, was ironic, in a speech that valued the acquisition of rifles. Singer Netinho, interpreter of the song “Milla”, filmed the preparation of a march and shared phrases such as “Liberdade não se vai, se toma”.

Actor Gabriel Leone recalled a classic photo of the military dictatorship with the words “tomorrow will be another day” and asked for Bolsonaro’s impeachment. Singer Milton Nascimento also revisited the lead years to publish the lyrics of a 1971 song:

Gabriel Leone's posts
Gabriel Leone’s posts

“They don’t talk about the sea and the fish/ They don’t even let you see the girl, pure song/ Neither seeing the flower rise, nor the sunrise/ And I’m just one more, one more/ Talking about this pain, ours pain…”, Milton recalled the song “Miracle of the fish”. In the comments, fans showed their support against the demonstrations: “For good connoisseurs… half the lyrics of a song tell us everything.”

Cissa Guimarães shared a photo that criticizes the price of gasoline, which costs R$7, in a September 7 banner. “Save democracy,” said the actress. Tico Santa Cruz demanded the positioning of other colleagues in the artistic class.

“Artists, influencers, celebrities and public figures who do not express their appreciation for democracy and against the Bolsonaro coup today must be remembered forever as accomplices. There is no more room for silence and omission. They cover who you follow,” he said the singer.

Photo published by Cissa Guimarães
Photo published by Cissa Guimarães

Samantha Schmutz mocked the protests that ask for freedom, at the same time that they ask for military intervention along the lines of the dictatorship. The inconsistency is evident, since the period was marked by censorship and deprivation of rights. “For the freedom of not having freedom”, says the text of the cartoon.

Taís Araujo spoke of the importance of celebrating and fighting for democracy and shared the text of a researcher who analyzed the acts.

Sérgio Reis, who has been investigated for encouraging undemocratic acts, shared photos in support of him during the demonstrations. In one of them, children appear carrying a sign:

“Sérgio Reis, thank you for fighting for us”, shared the singer with the caption: “Esperança, Brasil”.

Former participant of “Big Brother Brasil 21”, Rodolffo filmed the TV during the news in which images of the demonstrations across the country were shown. The sertanejo, an Israeli duo, said they have no political side.

“I researched the movements, I think it’s interesting for everyone to do research, to understand the reasons. Because we need to understand what we live in the country. I have no intention of changing Brazil, but we need to happen what is happening. No. I’m defending nowhere, let it be clear. My side is Brazil, I want the best for the country,” said Rodolffo, who shared a TV image with the caption: “May the paths of our future be blessed by God.”