“At the moment, we are not a candidate”


The Giant of the Hill remains without gearing up in the competition and appearing only in the middle of the table, complicating the chances of returning to the first division

Rômulo: pessimistic speech about Vasco's chances (Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF)


Rômulo: pessimistic speech about Vasco’s chances (Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF)

O Vasco returned to be defeated at Brazilian Championship Series B last Monday night (6). Performing at the Ressacada stadium, in Santa Catarina, the Gigante da Colina lost per 3×1 to Hawaii and ended a three-game unbeaten run as a visitor. The result left the Cruz-Maltino away from the G-4 it’s the speech is already from pessimism in the club.

Facing the Santa Catarina, Vasco left behind the scoreboard at 12 minutes, When Getulio shook the nets, but even left everything the same, with late, still in the first time. In the second step, Bruno Silva and Jonathan they shook Vanderlei’s nets and defined the match, valid for the opening of the 23rd round.

After the confrontation, the steering wheel Romulus he stated that, for now, Vasco cannot be considered as a candidate even for access to Serie A. “I think that at the moment we are not a candidate for the title or access, but we have to do something different“, said the shirt 8, who lamented the mistakes of the team.

Lisca: difficulty adjusting the team (Photo: Joao Vitor Rezende Borba/AGIF)

Sometimes we’re faltering in silly moments, and I think now we don’t have time for these mistakes anymores. Games are decided on the details, sometimes we lose attention and get penalized. I think now is not the time to talk too much, we have to resolve this on the field“, completed the midfielder.

With 32 points, Vasco is the ninth place of Series B, six points away in Goiás and Botafogo, which appear in fourth and third, respectively. While the rival from Rio has not yet entered the field in the 23rd round, Esmeraldino has two games in hand. O next appointment of the team coached by Lisca will only be in the day 16, thursday, against the CRB, at the King Pelé stadium.