Away from Bolsonaro, Mourão justifies going to the act of September 7th: ‘The nobility obliges’

BRASÍLIA – Although he maintains a distant relationship with President Jair Bolsonaro, vice-president Hamilton Mourão was at his side in the event this September 7 in Brasília, in which banners were seen with requests for anti-democratic actions, such as intervention in the Judiciary and Legislative. Mourão, who often stands as a counterpoint to Bolsonaro’s ideas, closely followed the speech in which the president intimidated the Supreme Court (STF).

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Asked by GLOBO why he decided to go to the act, the vice president justified, by text message: “Noblesse oblige”. The expression in French means “the nobility obliges” and is used to explain that occupants of certain posts need to behave in a certain way in some situations.

Earlier, Mourão was at the president’s side at the national flag raising ceremony, in front of the Alvorada Palace. He then accompanied him to the Esplanade of Ministries and climbed into the truck from which Bolsonaro spoke and made threats to the Supreme Court (STF).

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Bolsonaro and Mourão have been in a permanent crisis since the beginning of the government. As O GLOBO revealed last month, the president felt betrayed when he learned that his deputy had found himself in an unscheduled appointment with the president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Luís Barroso, one of Bolsonaro’s preferred targets of late. Mourão, on the other hand, at the height of his dissatisfaction, even told the president at the end of last year that he would be willing to resign from the position.

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Alongside ministers-general Walter Braga Netto (Defense), Augusto Heleno (Office of Institutional Security) and Luiz Eduardo Ramos (Secretary of Government) on top of the electric trio, Bolsonaro tried to pressure the president of the STF, minister Luiz Fux.

– We will no longer accept any measure, any action or sentence that comes outside the four lines of the Constitution. Nor can we continue to accept that a specific person from the region of the three Powers continues to barbarize our population. Either the head of that power fits yours or that Power can suffer what we don’t want – he said.

The acts were also attended by ministers Anderson Torres (Justice), Fábio Faria (Communications), Gilson Machado (Tourism), João Roma (Citizenship), Tarcísio de Freitas (Infrastructure), Damares Alves (Women, Family and Human Rights) and Onyx Lorenzoni (Work). Over the weekend, the president, at a right-wing event in Brasília, summoned the 23 ministers.

The ministers responsible for political articulation, Ciro Nogueira (Casa Civil) and Flávia Arruda (Government Secretariat) left Alvorada after the flag was raised. With the worsening of the crisis with the Judiciary, the two have been trying to act to relax the relationship with the ministers of the Supreme Court. So far they have not been successful, however.

helicopter flyover

After the closing of the flag-raising ceremony at the Palácio do Alvorada, Bolsonaro went by helicopter to the Esplanada dos Ministérios and flew over the event organized by his supporters. The defense minister was at the president’s side. Also in the helicopter were the president’s son, deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP), and senator Marcos Rogério (DEM-RO). The images were transmitted by Eduardo’s social networks.

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Deputy Hélio Lopes (PSL-SP) also broadcast the live overflight of another aircraft, in which were minister Augusto Heleno (Office of Institutional Security), Tarcísio de Freitas (Infrastructure), João Roma (Citizenship) and Luiz Eduardo Ramos ( General Secretariat of the Presidency).

It is not the first time that Braga Netto participates in a political demonstration alongside Bolsonaro. The presence is the target of criticism from active military personnel.